Penn Parcel Box

PBX1GR - Standard Parcel Box (Green)

£313.19 £349.99

Penn Elcom PBX1GR - Secure Parcel Box (Green, Standard Size, 2-year Warranty)

Trusted by 1,000’s: The secure solution to unattended and contactless parcel delivery.

Penn Elcom’s drop boxes are the ideal choice for a totally secure and convenient way to receive letters, parcels, and boxes while unattended – whether you are out at work, on holiday or simply can’t get to the door.

The weather-resistant steel containers come pre-assembled and install quickly and easily, either by bolting to a concrete surface or by using interior weights. This makes PBX1GR perfect for private and joint residences, offices, public areas, and communal interiors.

NEW & IMPROVED DESIGN: Double-sided access for various mounting configurations

Our updated design features both a front and rear access door, giving you more flexibility and allowing you to position your parcel box in even more locations, whether that be at the end of a path, up against a building or built into a property wall or boundary fence.

Why choose the Penn Parcel Box?

  • Weather-resistant
  • Accepts multiple parcels and packages as well as letters and mail
  • Front and rear access now available on every model
  • 2 sizes available
  • Built-in or standalone thanks to front and rear door updated design
  • High-quality steel

How It Works

Deliveries are placed through a swing-open hatch at the top and front of the parcel box into a loading bay. Then when the handle is released, the cantilevered bay floor swings down, allowing items to move securely into the locked storage area below. This system ensures that items cannot be accessed from the entry hatch and offers the peace of mind that deliveries are safe. No more missed deliveries, stolen or lost items, changing plans to wait in for a parcel, visits to local parcel depots or rearranging deliveries!

Front Door: allows for parcel retrieval from the front of the parcel box, ideal if you have placed your parcel box against a wall or fence.

Rear Door: allows for the parcel box to be fitted within a wall or boundary for parcels to be retrieved from the back side (within the property or boundary).

  1. Shop online – order items without the stress of missing a delivery, rearranging a delivery or dealing with lost / stolen parcels
  2. Choose home delivery – many courier services now also have ‘parcel box’ as a safe place for delivering parcels if you are not at home
  3. Safe and secure delivery – the courier simply places your packages through the top entry hatch, where they are lowered into the secure locked storage cabinet below
  4. Collect your parcel – at a time that suits you, simply open the compartment access door with the key provided


The Perfect Solution

PBX1GR is the ideal parcel delivery box for homes, offices, apartments, and commercial buildings. It effortlessly handles everything from everyday deliveries to frequent parcel traffic and multiple users and keeps your items secure and safely stored until collected at a time that suits you. With more than a billion packages lost or stolen in just 12 months*, now is the perfect time to adapt your home, office or businesses to better suit modern life.

Contact Free

Since the PBX1GR can be securely installed on porches, paths, gardens, and driveways, it’s ideal for deliveries when occupants are unable to attend or receive a package in person. Couriers simply drop the item into the parcel box where it’s safe until collection.

Anti Theft

The clever two-stage security system ensures items cannot be reached through the entry hatch and remain inaccessible and safely stored in the locked base compartment. Both of the access doors are secured with a key lock that come with two unique keys.

Weather Resistant

The PBX1GR parcel box is tough too - built with interior gasket sealing and a strong anti-weather powder coat to keep it and your contents protected from the elements.

Colour: Green
Width: 517mm / 20.35"
Height: 1021mm / 40.21"
Depth: 447mm / 17.61"
Weight: 34kg / 75lbs
Max Parcel Size: 420 x 240 x 360mm (16.53 x 9.44 x 14.17”)
Material: Steel
Capacity: 95L


*Penn Elcom Global Parcel Theft Report 2022 – Find out more here